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lyrics satyamev jayate hindi patriotic amir Khan Show

lyrics satyamev jayate hindi patriotic satyamev jayate song lyrics jaanam mere jaanam satyamev jayate lyrics satyamev jayate download lyrics SatyamevJayate- Aamir Khan amir Khan Show

Tere rang aisa chadh gaya
Koi aur rang na chadh sake
Tera naam seeney pe likha
Har koi aake padh sakey

Hai junoon hai junoon hai
Tere ishq ka ye junoon hai
Rag rag mein ishq tera daudta
Yeh bawra sa khoon hai
Tune hi sikhaya sachai oo ka matlab
Tere paas aake jaana maine zindagi ka maksad
Satyamev, satyamev, satyamev jayate
Sacha hai pyaar tera, satyamev jayate

Tere noor ke dastoor mein
Na ho salwatein na shikan rahe
Meri koshishein toh hai bas yaheen
Rahein khushbooein gulshan rahe
Teri zulf suljhaney chala
Terey aur paas aaney chala
Jahan koi sur na ho besura
Woh geet main ganey chala

Tere rang aisa chadh gaya
Tha nasha jo aur bhi badh gaya
Teri barishon ka karam hai ye
Main nikhar Gaya main sanwar gaya
Jaisa bhi hoon apna mujhey
Mujhey ye nahin hain bolna
Kabil tere main ban sakoo
Mujhey dwaar aisa kholna
Sanson ki iss raftaar ko
Dhadkan ke iss tyohaar ko
Har jeet ko har haar ko
Khud apney iss sansaar ko
Badloonga main tere liye

Mujhey khud ko bhi hai tatolna
Kahin hai kami to hai bolna
Khahin dag hain toh chupayein kyon
Hum sach se nazrein hatayein kyon
khud ko badalna hai agar
Badloonga main tere liye
Sholon pe chalna hai agar
Chal doonga main tere liye
Mere khoon kee har boond main
Sankalp ho tere pyaar ka
Kato mujhey to too bahe
Ho surkh rang har dharrrr ka

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Why does Slicing an Onion makes you Cry?

 Why does Slicing an Onion makes you Cry?

Did you ever wonder why onions make you cry? Slice an onion and the tears start flowing. Why does this happen? Like all other plants, onions are also made of cells; but the onion cells contain sulfur elements.
When we slice the onions, the cells break and release the sulfur vapors. Sulfur has a bad odor, and when these vapors mix with the moisture of our eyes a chemical reaction takes place which produces molecules such as ethylsufine which make your eyes burn.
The eyes then produce tears to wash and and dilute the chemicals – in other words the tears are a natural reaction of the body so that the offensive chemicals can be washed away.

As long as we keep on slicing the onions, more and more cells will break, which will produce more sulfur vapors, and hence more and more tears!
To prevent the tears, try cutting the onions in a bowl of water. The water helps dissolve the sulfur elements, so that they don’t reach your eyes and this prevents the tears from flowing.

Origin Of Big Names

 Origin Of Big Names

This was actually the financier's daughter's name.

This came from name of the river Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of founder John Warnock.

Apple Computers
It was the favorite fruit of founder Steve Jobs. He was three months late in filing a name for the business, and he threatened to call his company Apple Computers if the other colleagues didn't suggest a better name by 5 O'clock.


It is not an acronym as popularly believed. It is short for San Francisco.

This name was formed by using COMp, for computer, and PAQ to denote a small integral object.

The name was derived from the founder's name Dr. Michael Cowpland. It stands for Cowpland Research Laboratory.

The name started as a joke boasting about the amount of information the search-engine would be able to search. It was originally named 'Googol', a word for the number
represented by 1 followed by 1 00 zeros. After founders - Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page presented their project to an angel investor, they received a cheque made out to 'Google'

Founder Jack Smith got the idea of accessing e-mail via the web from a computer anywhere in the world. When Sabeer Bhatia came up with the business plan for the mail service, he tried all kinds of names ending in 'mail' and finally settled for hotmail as it included the letters "html" - the programming language used to write web pages. It was initially referred to as HoTMaiL with selective uppercasing.

Hewlett Packard
Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard tossed a coin to decide whether the company they founded would be called Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett.

Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore wanted to name their new company 'Moore Noyce' but that was already trademarked by a hotel chain so they had to settle for an acronym of INTegrated ELectronics.

Lotus (Notes)
Mitch Kapor got the name for his company from 'The Lotus Position' or
'Padmasana'. Kapor used to be a teacher of Transcendental Meditation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Coined by Bill Gates to represent the company that was devoted to
MICROcomputer SOFTware. Originally christened Micro-Soft, the '-' was
removed later on.

Founder Paul Galvin came up with this name when his company started
manufacturing radios for cars. The popular radio company at the time was called Victrola.

Larry Ellison and Bob Oats were working on a consulting project for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The code name for the project was called Oracle (the CIA saw this as the system to give answers to all questions or something such). The project was
designed to help use the newly written SQL code by IBM. The project eventually was terminated but Larry and Bob decided to finish what they started and bring
it to the world. They kept the name Oracle and created the RDBMS engine. Later they kept the same name for the company.

It originated from the Latin word 'sonus' meaning sound, and 'sonny' a slang used by Americans to refer to a bright youngster.

Founded by 4 Stanford University buddies, SUN is the acronym for Stanford University Network. Andreas Bechtolsheim built a microcomputer; Vinod Khosla
recruited him and Scott McNealy to manufacture computers based on it, and Bill Joy to develop a UNIX-based OS for the computer.

The word was invented by Jonathan Swift and used in his book 'Gulliver's Travels'. It represents a person who is repulsive in appearance and action and is barely human. Yahoo! Founders Jerry Yang and David Filo selected the name because they considered themselves yahoos.

All Telecom Operators Balance Transfer Tricks

All Telecom Operators Balance Transfer Tricks

1. Airtel Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the Steps below:

Step1: SMS GIFT amount friend number [eg: GIFT 50 9908080323]
Step2: You will recieve a message saying you have that your amount has been transferred to 9908XXXXXX
Minimum Balance Rs.1/-
Terms and Conditions apply for transferring balance. This trick works only in some states please try this trick with low balance first and go for bigger amount.

2. Tata Docomo Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the steps below:

Step1: SMS “BT Mobile Number Amount” and send it to 54321
[eg: BT 72078XXXXX 50]
Step2: To reverse the Amount a Member needs to type “ RBT Transaction ID” and send it to 54321
Charges Rs.1 and for reversal will be Toll Free.
Terms and Conditions:
The sender’s account balance for “Balance Transfer” has to be Transfer Amount + Rs.1 at the time of transfer. If balance is not sufficient the transfer will be declined. However, the SMS will be charged.
In case of Reversals the amount reversed will be dependent on the balance available with the recipient.
The system will recognize “BT” or “bt” or “Bt”
So be careful before texting.

3. Idea Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the below Steps:

Step1: Dial *567*friend mobile number*amount#
[eg:*567 *9092 XXXXXX*50#]
Terms and Conditions: You Will Be Charged Rs/- 2 For this Method.

4. BSNL Prepiad Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the steps below:

Step1: SMS " GIFT friend Bsnl number amount " to 53733 or 53738
[eg: GIFT 949XXXXXXX 50 ]
Terms and Conditions apply.

5. Vodafone Balance Transfer Trick
Follow the below steps:

Step1: Dial *131*Amount*friend vodafone mobile no#
[eg: *131*50*9052XXXXXX#]
Terms and conditions: Charges Rs.1/- for balance transfer

6. Uninor Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the below steps:

Step1: Choose the amount to transfer.
Step2: Dial *202*friend mobile number*amount#
[eg: *202*962XXXXXXX*50#]
Finish your amount has been transferred.
Terms and Conditions: Minimum balance should be Rs.5/-


1. Balance Transfer Trick is only available to their networks only like airtel to airtel , vodafone to vodafone etc..
2. Terms and conditions apply for balance transfer
3. Minimum Balance should be Rs.1/- in all indian sims.

Balance transfers for Aircel, Reliance, Virgin, Videocon, T24 are still not released officially. 
Their tricks will be posted when released officially.

Sachin Tendulkar's 100 Centuries List

Sachin Tendulkar's 100 Centuries List

1) 119* vs ENG-Manchester- fourteen Aug 1990-Draw-Test
2) 148* vs AUS-Sydney-6 Jan 1992-Draw-Test
3) 114 vs AUS-Perth-3 Feb 1992-Lost-Test
4) 111 vs SA-Johannesburg -28 Nov 1992-Draw-Test
5) 165 vs ENG-Chennai-12 Feb 1993-Won-Test
6) 104* vs SL-Colombo-31 Jul 1993-Won-Test
7) 142 vs SL-Lucknow-19 Jan 1994-Won-Test
  8) 110 vs AUS-Colombo-Sep tember 9, 1994-Won-ODI
9) 115 vs NZ-Vadodara-Oct ober 28, 1994-Won-ODI
10) 105 vs WI-Jaipur-Novem ber 11, 1994-Won-ODI
11) 179 vs WI-Nagpur-2 Dec 1994-Draw-Test
12) 112* vs SL-Sharjah-Apri l 9, 1995-Won-ODI
13) 127* vs KEN-Cuttack-Feb ruary 18, 1996-Won-ODI
14) 137 vs SL-New Delhi-March 2, 1996-Lost-ODI
15) 100 vs PAK-Singapore-A pril 5, 1996-Lost-ODI
16) 118 vs PAK-Sharjah-Apr il 15, 1996-Won-ODI
17) 122 vs ENG-Birmingham- 8 Jun 1996-Lost-Test
18) 177 vs ENG-Nottingham- 5 Jul 1996-Draw-Test
19) 110# vs SL-Colombo-Augu st 28, 1996-Lost-ODI
20) 114# vs SA-Mumbai-Decem ber 14, 1996-Won-ODI
21) 169# vs SA-Cape Town-4 Jan 1997-Lost-Test
21) 104# vs ZIM-Benoni-Febr uary 9, 1997-Won-ODI
23) 117# vs NZ-Bangalore-Ma y 14, 1997-Won-ODI
24) 143# vs SL-Colombo-3 Aug 1997-Draw-Test
25) 139# vs SL-Colombo-11 Aug 1997-Draw-Test
26) 148# vs SL-Mumbai-4 Dec 1997-Draw-Test
27) 155* vs AUS-Chennai-9 Mar 1998-Test
28) 177 vs AUS-Bangalore-2 6 Mar 1998-Lost-Test
29) 100 vs AUS-Kanpur-Apri l 7, 1998-Won-ODI
30) 143 vs AUS-Sharjah-Apr il 22, 1998-Lost-ODI
31) 134 vs AUS-Sharjah-Apr il 24, 1998-Won-ODI
32) 100* vs KEN-Kolkata-May 31, 1998-Won-ODI
33) 128 vs SL-Colombo-July 7, 1998-Won-ODI
34) 127* vs ZIM-Bulawayo-Se ptember 26, 1998-Won-ODI
35) 141 vs AUS-Dhaka-Octob er 28, 1998-Won-ODI
36) 118* vs ZIM-Sharjah-Nov coal 8, 1998-Won-ODI
37) 124* vs ZIM-Sharjah-Nov coal 13, 1998-Won-ODI
38) 113 vs NZ-Wellington-2 9 Dec 1998-Lost-Test
39) 136 vs PAK-Chennai-31 Jan 1999-Lost-Test
40) 124* vs SL-Colombo-28 Feb 1999-Draw-Test
41) 140* vs KEN-Bristol-May 23, 1999-Won-ODI
42) 120# vs SL-Colombo-Augu st 29, 1999-Won-ODI
43) 126*# vs NZ-Mohali-13 Oct 1999-Test
44) 217# vs NZ-Ahmedabad-30 Oct 1999-Draw-Test
45) 186*# vs NZ-Hyderabad-No vember 8, 1999-Won-ODI
46) 116# vs AUS-Melbourne-2 8 Dec 1999-Lost-Test
47) 122 vs SA-Vadodara-Mar ch 17, 2000-Won-ODI
48) 101 vs SL-Sharjah-Octo ber 20, 2000-Lost-ODI
49) 122 vs ZIM-New Delhi-21 Nov 2000-Won-Test
50) 201* vs ZIM-Nagpur-26 Nov 2000-Draw-Test
51) 146 vs ZIM-Jodhpur-Dec coal 8, 2000-Lost-ODI
52) 126 vs AUS-Chennai-20 Mar 2001-Won-Test
53) 139 vs AUS-Indore-Marc h 31, 2001-Won-ODI
54) 127* vs WI-Harare-July 4, 2001-Won-ODI
55) 101 vs SA-Johannesburg -October 5, 2001-Lost-ODI
56) 146 vs KEN-Paarl-Octob er 24, 2001-Won-ODI
57) 155 vs SA-Bloemfontein -3 Nov 2001-Lost-Test
58) 103 vs ENG-Ahmedabad-1 3 Dec 2001-Draw-Test
59) 176 vs ZIM-Nagpur-24 Feb 2002-Won-Test
60) 117 vs WI-Port of Spain-20 Apr 2002-Won-Test
61) 105* vs ENG-Chester-le- Street-July 4, 2002-N/R-ODI
62) 113 vs SL-Bristol-July 11, 2002-Won-ODI
63) 193 vs ENG-Leeds-23 Aug 2002-Won-Test
64) 176 vs WI-Kolkata-3 Nov 2002-Draw-Test
65) 152 vs NAMI-Pietermari tzburg-February 23, 2003-Won-ODI
66) 100 vs AUS-Gwalior-Oct ober 26, 2003-Won-ODI
67) 102 vs NZ-Hyderabad-No vember 15, 2003-Won-ODI
68) 241* vs AUS-Sydney-4 Jan 2004-Draw-Test
69) 141 vs PAK-Rawalpindi- Mar 16, 2004-Lost-ODI
70) 194* vs PAK-Multan-29 Mar 2004-Won-Test
71) 248* vs BAN-Dhaka-12 Dec 2004-Won-Test
72) 123 vs PAK-Ahmedabad-A pril 12, 2005-Lost-ODI
73) 109 vs SL-New Delhi-22 Dec 2005-Won-Test
74) 100 vs PAK-Peshawar-Fe bruary 6, 2006-Lost-ODI
75) 141* vs WI-Kuala Lumpur-Septembe r 14, 2006-Lost-ODI
76) 100* vs WI-Vadodara-Jan uary 31, 2007-Won-ODI
77) 101 vs BAN-Chittagong- nineteen May 2007-Draw-Test
78) 122* vs BAN-Mirpur-26 May 2007-Won-Test
79) 154* vs AUS-Sydney-4 Jan 2008-Lost-Test
80) 153 vs AUS-Adelaide-25 Jan 2008-Draw-Test
81) 117* vs AUS-Sydney-Marc h 2, 2008-Won-ODI
82) 109 vs AUS-Nagpur-6 Nov 2008-Won-Test
83) 103* vs ENG-Chennai-15 Dec 2008-Won-Test
84) 163* vs NZ-Christchurch -March 8, 2009-Won-ODI
85) 160 vs NZ-Hamilton-20 Mar 2009-Won-Test
86) 138 vs SL-Colombo-Sept coal 14, 2009-Won-ODI
87) 175 vs AUS-Hyderabad-N ovember 5, 2009-Lost-ODI
88) 100* vs SL-Ahmedabad-20 Nov 2009-Draw-Test
89) 105* vs BAN-Chittagong- eighteen Jan 2010-Won-Test
90) 143 vs BAN-Mirpur-25 Jan 2010-Won-Test
91) 100 vs SA-Nagpur-9 Feb 2010-Lost-Test
92) 106 vs SA-Kolkata-15 Feb 2010-Won-Test
93) 200* vs SA-Gwalior-Febr uary 24, 2010-Won-ODI
94) 203 vs SL-Colombo-28 Jul 2010-Draw-Test
95) 214 vs AUS-Bangalore-1 1 Oct 2010-Won-Test
96) 111* vs SA-Centurion-19 Dec 2010-Lost-Test
97) 146 vs SA-Cape Town-4 Jan 2011-Draw-Test
98) 120 vs ENG-Bangalore-F ebruary 27, 2011-Tied-ODI
99) 111 vs SA-Nagpur-March 12, 2011-Lost-ODI
100* vs BAN-Mirpur-16 March,2012- (ODI)
*denotes which he remained not out.
#denotes which he was a captain of a Indian group in which match

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SMS For Fun

SMS For Fun

Love Shayari Jokes Motivational Quotes funny jokes NEW YEAR SMS Bewafa and Dard Independence Day sms friendship Anniversary SMS Romantic sms Good Night Birthday Men Vs Women Joke Santa Banta jokes cool sms Christmas sms Good Morning Reply me sms Sorry love poems Teachers sms VALENTINE DAY kids sms sardar joke Miss you Question Holi sms EID SMS Flirt April-phool Exam sms REPUBLIC DAY Mother's day pakistani jokes Munna Bhai PANJABI JOKES Deepawali SMS

MrNe se B RoKta H Or JINE B Nhi Deta

Wo MeRe Dil K ZakhM SiNe B NHi DeTa 

MadhoSh B RakhTa H Or PinE B Nhi DetA
KyA WafaO Ki ItNi KaDi SazA H
MrNe se B RoKta H Or JINE B Nhi Deta

हर नशे का नाम शराब नही होता

हर बात का कोई जवाब नही होता ,
हर किसी का नाम ख्वाब नही होता,
यूँ तो झूम लेते हैं नशे में पिनेवाले ,
मगर हर नशे का नाम शराब नही होता.


Aaj Sirf
kyonki Aaj maine pee li hai
Isliye "Sidhi Baat No Bakwaas...."


If You Love Someone,
Give Them The Option To
Never Give Them A Reason To Leave..

Us Humsafar Ka Paya He..

Humne Jise Paya He
Use Hi zindgi Banaya He.
Lagti Nhi Dhoop Gamo ki Bilkul Bhi Buri.
Har kadam Par Sath Jo humne.Us Humsafar Ka Paya He..

एक इंजिनियर की गलती ईंट बा रोड़े में दब जाती है,

एक इंजिनियर की गलती ईंट बा रोड़े में दब जाती है,
एक डाक्टर  की गलती  कब्र में दब जाती है ,
एक बकील की गलती फाइल में दब जाती है,
एक अध्यापक की गलती राष्ट्र के जीवन में झलकती है.

Naughty Message

What did the letter "O" say to "Q" ..?
Paaji yo k latak riyo hai..??

Awesome Msg

"You know you're amazing when
people you don't even
know hate you.."
Dats a Big Achievement..
Keep it up

ELECTION Aa Gaye Hai Jee..

Mantri Jee 2 Santa: ELECTION Aa Gaye Hai Jee.. Dhyaan Rakhna.. Mai Khada Hu!
Santa: Oh Jee Khade Kyun Ho?
Baith Jao, Apna Hi Ghar Hai.

Zyada Hai Aapse

Har-PaL Ka
Nata Hai Aapse
Apnapan Kuch
Zyada Hai Aapse
Na Sochna Ki
Kabhi BhuL Jayenge Aapko
Zindgi Bhar Satayenge
Ye Wada Hai Aapse..!!