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effect of 21st century

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effect of 21st century 

लड़का और लड़की पिकनिक पे गए,

लड़के को चोट लग गयी और खून बहने लगा,
वो लड़की की तरफ देखने लगा,

की अभी वो अपना दुपट्टा फाड कर बांधेगी,
लड़की लड़के की नजरों का मतलब समझते हुए बोली,
बीटा सोचना भी नही 4500 का सूट है....  

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3 Idiot movie ki tarah read karna - नए अंदाज म े

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3 Idiot movie ki tarah read karna - नए अंदाज म

3 Idiot movie ki tarah read karna.

एकदम नया पोस्ट एक नए अंदाज म

टीचर : आप मुस्करा क्यों रहे हो?
रेंचो : बहुत दिनों से फेसबुक में अकाउंट बनाने
की इच्छा थी सर। आज बना दिया है, बहुत मजा आ
रहा है।
टीचर : ज्यादा मजा लेने की जरूरत नहीं है, टेल
मी व्हाट इज ए पोस्ट?
रेंचो : जो भी फेसबुक पर की जाए वह पोस्ट होती है सर।
टीचर : तुम इसे विस्तार से बता सकते हो?
रेंचो : सर जो भी फेसबुक पर लोग डालते हैं पोस्ट होता है
सर.. घूमने गए फोटो डाल दिया, पोस्ट है सर, मैच
देखा स्कोर डाल दिया, पोस्ट है सर, सर वास्तव में हम
पोस्ट से घिरे हुए हैं। कैटरीना की पिक से
रोनाल्डो की किक तक...! सब पोस्ट है सर..एक
सेकंड में कमेंट, एक सेकंड में लाइक। कमेंट-लाइक,

टीचर : चुप रहो, अकाउंट बनाकर यह करोगे- कमेंट-
लाइक.. कमेंट-लाइक..।

चतुर तुम बताओ?

चतुर : पिक्चर, टेक्स्ट और वीडियो जो हम मोबाइल,
टैबलेट, लैपटॉप, डेस्कटॉप से इंटरनेट के द्वारा फेसबुक
पर डालते हैं, वह पोस्ट कहलाता है।

टीचर : शाबाश।

रेंचो : लेकिन सर मैंने भी तो वही बोला सीधे शब्दों में.

टीचर : सीधे शब्दों में करना है तो ऑरकुट या ट्विटर
के पेज पर अकाउंट बनाओ.

रेंचो : पर सर दूसरे साइट्स भी तो.

टीचर : गेट आउट!
रेंचो : क्यों सर?

टीचर : सीधे शब्दों में बाहर जाओ.

रेंचो बाहर जाकर वापस आता है.

टीचर : क्या हुआ?

रेंचो : कुछ भूल गया था सर

टीचर : क्या?

रेंचो : एक यूटिलिटी बटन जो हमें प्राइवेट डेटा जैसे
पिक्चर, मैसेज, पर्सनल इंफॉर्मेशन को चोरी और हैकर्स
रोकने या किसी और के देखने से बचने के लिए
दिया गया है।

टीचर : कहना क्या चाहते हो?

रेंचो : लॉगआउट सर! लॉगआउट करना भूल गया था. अब
कर दू.

टीचर : सीधे-सीधे नहीं बोल सकते थे?

रेंचो मुस्कुराकर : थोड़ी देर पहले ट्राय किया था सर,
आपको पसंद नहीं आया..

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Mark Twain's Tom Swayer Story

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Mark Twain's Tom Swayer Story
Mark Twain's Tom Swayer and whitewash on fence was one of my favorite stories during school days.

Tom is the son of a deceased sister of  Aunt Polly. A boy who is very naughty, most know how to trick aunt Polly and never do the same trick twice. Even so, Aunt Polly really loves her nephew which made ​​her could not hit the kidHis ignorance does not only apply to Aunt Polly and his step brother, Sidney, but also his friends. One Saturday morning, Tom was sentenced whitewash paint the fence by Aunt Polly for coming home late yesterday afternoon due to a fight with a boy. Ben Rogers, who initially insinuated that his friend, Tom, having to work on holiday, agitated and even willing to give up his apple at Tom as long as he is allowed to whitewash paint. Tom bragging because only selected boy who should do it. Does not stop at Ben but continue on another boys who gave up their ‘treasures’ for a chance to whitewash paint which should only be performed by 'selected boys'lol

The ‘treasures’ were eventually used by Tom to be exchanged for tickets at the Sunday School, prize a new Gospel. Whereas 1 ticket can be obtained simply by memorizing a few verses and the new Gospel must be exchanged for several tickets which cost the same as 2000 verses.  Everybody included his teachers surprised Tom could get it, but no doubt he has the tickets are legitimate, which makes the children hate themselves.

Tom, the trouble maker! When all the church members solemnly listening to the sermon, he just released his other 'treasure'. beetle called pinching beetle. The beetle pinches Tom’s hand makes him threw his hands so that the beetle was thrown to the floor. Does not matter if it stops there. A boring dog just approaching the beetle and it pinches the dog so the dog run here and there to break free. Solemn sermon becomes chaotic because all church congregations are not resistant to laugh.


Even so, Tom is still a boy who could love a girl. Becky Tathcher is her name. Daughter of a wealthy and respected man. Tom makes his teacher upset so that he was being punished by sitting next to a girl who is considered shameful by his friends. And the girl is Becky. Tom painstakingly Becky to see him which initially ignored at the first. Smoothly with introductions deal, Tom said what he feels of love to Becky and she accepts it. Tom took Becky engaged, which is in Tom’s dictionary that she can only love and marry him. Becky agrees and Tom kissed her lips. Tom is like swimming in happiness until he accidentally naming his ex-girlfriend, Amy Lawrence, which makes Becky disappointed crying.


Tom tried to explain but Becky did not give any answer. Tom went and Becky began to regret. Tom brooding on the banks of river and chestnut-wishful probably be better if he die because the world looks like place which fill with distress - and make Becky regret it. But he decided to think about his future. What he will be in the future. Which is clearly not a circus clown though Becky said she likes the circus clown, and then he thought to be a soldier and go home with a star honors. Or join the Indians hunting bison and return as head of the tribe. He thought there must be something cooler than it all. Pirates! Tom decided his career as a pirate.


At one midnight, Tom went to the grave with a boy of the most hated by women because of his naughty, Huckleberry Finn. They will perform a ritual disposal of warts found on the skin of Huck using cat carcass and remains a bad guy who had just died. But they saw it beyond a doubt. They saw a murder of a young doctor who conducted by Injun Joe, an Indian, accompanied by Muff Potter, a drunkard, in front of the grave which they will use as a complementary of  body cleansing ritual from warts. Joe, the killer, put the knife he used to stab the young doctor into the hand of the drunk Muff, as if he was the culprit. Tom and Huck who see everything running scared and vowed never reveal what they see to others, by agreement stamped with the initials of their names are written in blood. But the next morning almost all the citizens of St. Petersburg know and believe the killing was Muff. It is actually disturb Tom's inner very much

There is a bigger problem for Tom than keeping secret of a murder. Becky had a few days absent from school due to illness. It makes Tom became silent, which makes Aunt Polly worry. After a few days of waiting, the girl appeared well and Tom show all the actions he could do to attract the attention of Becky. But instead he received hints from the girl, who said that Tom likes to show off. Tom’s cheeks were burned and he was gone.

Tom is getting depressed, feeling no one wants him. Finally he decided to go and say goodbye to his best friend, Joe Harper. Joe actually had the same idea and they invite Huck to join. A team of pirates formed with Tom, the Black Avenger of the Spanish Mainland as its commander and Joe Harper, the Ghost Ocean and Huckleberry Finn, the Red Hand as its crews. Using a raft, they sailed three miles below St. Petersburg, Mississippi, at the point where the river widens to about 1 mile. They camped in the wilderness, play, swim and eat fish they catch by themselves. Feeling homesick often come to them but no one dares to admit. They saw a ferry and happy because they  think people are looking for them - it means they regret having hurt that three boys. But the ferry disappeared  and not long, their joy was gone

While his two friends were sleeping, Tom quietly crawled out of the tent and sneak into the ferry. Swimming and crepting to escape detection. Tom came in front of Aunt Polly's fence. Mrs. Harper looked there. They cried forTom and Joe who they consider to have been dead by drowning. Joe’s mother even very sorry that she had hit herson. Tom was hiding under the bed crying to hear Aunt Polly prayed earnestly for him.
Tom back to his pirates team and they are having fun again. But Joe does not take it anymore and wants to go home because he was deeply misses his mother. Huck is following behind Joe. Tom trying to convince his friends to stay but failed. Tom finally confided that he saw his aunt and Joe’s mother cry over them. The three boys thought it was cool and they decided to stay on and resume their game. But at night when they are sleeping, a storm came and the lightning struck their tent. lol

Saturday morning was very quiet in St. Petersburg. The church congregations meet for funeral prayers for the children who died by drowning. People begin to remember them as good boys. Even who saw them alive for the last time regarded as an honor. Pastor and the congregations sobbed until they were surprised at what they saw. The three children who died by drowning, walked from behind the pulpit. Everyone was so happy to see them, had unwittingly become a victim of fraud. hahahaha

Aunt Polly was very concerned about Tom in the next morning. Aunt asked why Tom able to travel for miles to come to his funeral but why not get it to tell that he was still alive. Tom is sorry but instead make another lie. Tom said he dreamt about Aunt. And told her all he saw when he crept at Joe’s mother and Aunt Polly weep for them, as part of his dream. Sid was suspicious, it's all a dream and without error? lollll
Tom and Joe like hero at school. All the boys look envious of them. Becky tried to patch things up with Tom but instead he deliberately make Becky jealous by talking only with Amy Lawrence, her ex-girlfriend. Becky cried sadly but still want revenge. She was tandem with the other boy who also successfully make Tom jealous.

Tom’s and Becky’s relationship is getting worse. They are taunting each other. But Tom still can not bear if the girl  gets caning. Becky accidentally tore a teacher’s book but Tom protect her by saying he was the one who tore the book. Tom does not regret the caning because finally praised by Becky that he was a kind hearted man.

Tom had measles tortured him for three weeks. But keeping secret about the murder of a young doctor is no less tortured. Tom met Huck and convince him to keep shut up. But they also can not deny that they need to help Muff Potter. Muff is not a good man, but he never hurt anyone. Remembrance of the virtues that have been done by Muff for them, Muff plus gratitude because they did not leave him alone, making Tom and Huck increasingly feel guilty. At the time of the trial, Muff Potter found guilty as the murder of a young doctor. But Tom Sawyer presented as a defense witness and testified Muff, take Injun Joe was the perpetrator of the murder. Injun fled from the courtroom. Tom once again being a hero. But at night he felt frightened because Injun had not been arrested.

There is a feeling in the body of a healthy boy to find buried treasure. Tom took Huck to look for treasure and Huck agreed. He agrees on everything to seek pleasure that does not require capital. Because he has abundant time but does not have money. And they both start looking for treasure. Digging under the tree but did not find anything. They eventually down the hill looking for the next treasure excavation site. A 'haunted house'.

Tom and Huck fearfully entered the 'haunted house'. But they start to feel proud of having mastered their fears. Especially when they get to the second floor when the ladder is damaged. But there are two men came in and they hurriedly hide. Even more surprising is that one of the men is Injun Joe. Injun and his friend intend to leave their treasures there and to be picked up again later. Tom for a moment feel lucky to have been there because he hopes to take the treasure. But Injun’s friend saw a shovel and hoe with fresh soil attached. Injun is sure there are other people than them who were in the house and decided to check into the second floor. Tom and Huck certainly noticed if not for the broken ladder makes Injun fall.

Tom and Huck eavesdropping on Injun about the 'number two'. It’s considered as the treasure location by Tom. Tom and Huck plan to solve what is meant by Injun of 'number' two'. Which is obviously not the house number because the houses in the city does not have numbers. Then they thought maybe it was a number that is used for room at inn. Tom traces it and finds there is a number two room at an inn that was not so nice, always left by the renter at night. At midnight, Tom settles into the number two room with Huck guards in the alley entrance to the inn. But Tom then ran in a rush followed by Huck terrified from behind. The room was not locked and it’s indeed Injun’s. Injun even lying on the floor of the possibility of being drunk. But Tom was too scared to go any further action so he ran away. They decided to find out the next day.

Becky and Tom go picnic with their friends to a forest. There’s no Tom, Huck decides to find out about the second room alone. Huck saw Injun and his friend walking while carrying a chest and he started to follow them. It turned out they actually went to the house of Mistress Widow Douglas and seeking revenge on her late husband by killing his wife. Huck was terrified but Mistress Douglas was very kind hearted. Huck met Mr. Welshman for help. Mr.Welshman and his two sons went to the lady’s house with fully armed. Huck was heard gunshots and ran as fast as possible. Huck went to the house of Welshman the next morning and eventually knew that the sound of gunfire last night due to Mr. Welshman who could not suppress a sneeze. More severe, Injun and his friend able to escape.

Furor over the attempted murder of Mistress Douglas lost with the news of Tom and Becky loss. Finding themselves left in the cave at a picnic in the forest and miss the ferry. Three days and three nights the residents seek for them but did not succeed

Tom and Becky apparently too busy playing in cave which was safe at the first. But Tom’s adventurous spirit made​​him want to find something new and Becky agreed. Unfortunately, while they explored the cave, they were attacked by bats that were interested in their candlelight. Everywhere they run to save themselves and eventually lost. They were desperate especially when hear the voice of people who seek them yet they were too far so the people could not hear their voice of answers. Not to mention the cave was too dark which was very dangerous if walking carelessly. Tom still trying to figure it out and was very pleased at the sight of someone's hand. But he was very surprised because it was Injun’s hand. And somehow Injun even ran without looking Tom first.

Tom and Becky finally found. Because of Tom’s bravery to courage down every alley in the cave with his kite string and asked Becky to just wait. Tom and Becky then taken home and master Thatcher said that there will be no more people who'll get lost in the cave because he had ordered people to close the door with a large iron door and give latch three times, and he who holds the key. Tom blanched to hear. When asked why, he told that there Injun Joe in the cave.

People including Tom down the river toward the cave. So up to, what they saw was very sad. Injun already died. His broken knife show his attempt to open the iron door but failed. Tom was very sad because he knew it was hopeless in the cave and hoping to find a way out, but there was also a sense of relief because Injun gone. Injun finally buried near the cave and many people visit his Tomb

After everything calmed down, Tom took Huck to the cave of treasure hunting because he knew the treasure was not in room number two. Huck agreed and Tom told him a way that he was the only who knew it. Besides he and Huck, just Joe Harper and Ben Rogers who should know because it would be cool if there was a  gang. Huck and Tom explored the cave but Huck was afraid of Injun ghost was there to keep his treasure. Tom calm Huck down and they started digging at one point considered by Tom as Injun’s treasure location. They found a chest and took home the treasure bag which was quite heavy. They passed Mistress Douglas’s house and the lady was calling them to come into her house. There had gathered the rich and respectable people, including Aunt Polly, Sid and Mary. They were asked to take a bath and wear new clothes that had been provided.

It turns out Mistress Douglas announced that she would take care of Huck and send him to school. But Tom said Huck do not need it because he has a lot of money. People  laugh at Tom to appreciate his joking. But Tom proves his words by bringing in sacks of treasure they had found and spilling of more than twelve thousand dollars in front of everyone. Everyone is shocked but still want to hear an explanation from Tom.

Tom once again becomes a byword. People began to dig 'haunted houses'. Huck is under the protection of Mistress Douglas now. It meant he had to get into the upper class lives which is very tortured. He hated everything in Mistress Douglas’ house; very organized, very polite and very clean. He banned smoking and talking rudely. He tries to survive for three weeks but still failed. Huck eventually escaped and Mrs. Douglas very sad to know Huck lost. But Tom knew where to find Huck. Tom check the huge barrels and find Huck was asleep in one of the barrel. Huck said no problem if Tom take the treasure of Huck’s part because he did not want to be rich. But Tom seduced Huck to try one more time because only esteemed people who can join the pirates group of Tom Sawyer. Huck agreed to try to learn to be rich in a month later.


कंजूस आदमी

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एक कंजूस आदमी मृत्यु शैया पर

उसने अपनी पत्नी को पुकारा –
“सुनती हो … कहाँ हो तुम ?”
आँखों में आंसू भरे हुए

पत्नी उसका हाथ पकड़कर बोली –
“मैं यहीं आपके पास बैठी हूँ !”

आदमी – “और मेरे बेटे बेटियां ?”

“हम सब यहीं हैं पापा … ”

आदमी – “और मेरे नाती-पोते ?”
“वो सब भी यहीं आपके पास ही बैठे
हैं … ”

आदमी – “तो फिर बराबर वाले कमरे
का पंखा क्यों खुला है ?

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Waise Govt aur court to chah nahi rahi ki hum log hase lekin phir bhi thoda hus lia jaye

IAS Topper Female
PCS Topper Female
IIT Topper Female
CBSE Board Topper Female
UP Board Topper Female
CPMT Topper Female

Ab agar har Safal ladke ke piche ek Aurat hai to Ek safal ladki ke piche 10 Ladko ka hath hai

1. Notes photo state krane wale bhaiya
2. Achi coaching pta karne wale bhaiya
3. Center ka pta lgane wale bhaiya
4. Center tak chor ke ane wale bhaiya
5. Admit card lane wale bhaiya
6. Fees jma krane wale bhaiya
7. Class bunk marne par sabse achi hand writing me likhne wale notes photo state krane wale bhaiya
8. Tabiat thik na hone ka bahana bnane par assignment bnane wale bhaiya
And so many.......

Bhai logo apni Shakti pahchano

Note- yeh kewal ek joke hai kripya BAHNO se nivedan hai ise anytha na samjhe....

Jaankaree Kuch Alag Hatke

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Jaankaree Kuch Alag Hatke 

Mobile Batter Recharge During Emergency
Mobile Safety from theft / misplaced / lost

Key inside car and door is auto locked then how your mobile can help to unlock the door

मोबाइल से जुडी कई ऐसी बातें जिनके बारे में हमें जानकारी नहीं होती लेकिन मुसीबत के बक्त यह मददगार साबित होती है ।
इमरजेंसी नंबर -दुनिया भर में मोबाइल का इमरजेंसी नंबर 112 है । अगर आप मोबाइल की कवरेज एरिया से बाहर हैं तो 112 नंबर द्वारा आप उस क्षेत्र के नेटवर्क को सर्च कर लें . ख़ास बात यह हैकि यह नंबर तब भी काम करता है जब आपका कीपैड लौक हो !
जान अभी बाकी है-मोबाइल जब बैटरी लो दिखाए और उस दौरान जरूरी कॉल करनी हो , ऐसे में आप *3370# डायल करें , आपका मोबाइल फिर से चालू हो जायेगा और आपका सेलफोन बैटरी में 50 प्रतिशत का इजाफा दिखायेगा ! मोबाइल का यह रिजर्व दोबारा चार्ज हो जायेगा जब आप अगली बार मोबाइल को हमेशा की तरह चार्ज करेंगे !
मोबाइल चोरी होने पर-मोबाइल फोन चोरी होने की स्थिति में सबसे पहले जरूरत होती है , फोन को निष्क्रिय करने की ताकि चोर उसका दुरुपयोग न कर सके । अपनेफोन के सीरियल नंबर को चेक करने के लिए *#06# दबाएँ . इसे दबाते हीं आपकी स्क्रीन पर 15 डिजिट का कोड नंबर आयेगा . इसे नोट कर लें और किसी सुरक्षित स्थान पर रखें . जब आपका फोन खो जाए उस दौरान अपने सर्विस प्रोवाइडर को ये कोड देंगे तो वह आपके हैण्ड सेट को ब्लोक कर देगा !
कार की चाभी खोने पर -अगर आपकी कार की रिमोट केलेस इंट्री है और गलती से आपकी चाभी कार में बंद रह गयी है और दूसरी चाभी घर पर है तो आपका मोबाइल काम आ सकता है ! घर में किसी व्यक्ति के मोबाइल फोन पर कॉल करें ! घर में बैठे व्यक्ति से कहें कि वह अपने मोबाइल को होल्ड रखकर कार की चाभी के पास ले जाएँ और चाभी के अनलॉक बटन को दबाये साथ ही आप अपने मोबाइल फोन को कार के दरवाजे के पास रखें , दरवाजा खुल जायेगा ! है न विचित्र किन्तु सत्य

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हँसी के पटाखे

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हँसी के पटाखे 

Santa Class Me Has Raha Tha
1 Ladki Boli STaND UP Koun Ho Tum??

Santa:Tum Koun Ho?

... Ladki: Mai MONITOR Hun.

Santa: Ha.ha..
TeRE Din Gaye pagli ab laptop or LCD ka zamana hai. ..

संता चिकित्सक के पास दुबारा जाता है...
चिकित्सक : दवाई पी-ली थी या नहीं?
संता : नहीं Doctor साहब दवाई तो हरी थी.
चिकित्सक- मेरा मतलब है दवाई ले ली थी ना?
संता - हाँ doctor साहब आपने  दी, तो मैंने ले ली थी.
चिकित्सक- अरे यार दवाई की शीशी खा-ली थी ना?
संता मरीज - नहीं doctor शीशी तो भरी हुई थी.
चिकित्सक - अबे गधे दवाई को पी-लिया था ना?
मरीज - अरे dr साहब पीलिया (juandice) तो मुझे था!


प्रेमी-प्रेमिका ने ऊंचाई से आत्महत्या करने की योजना बनाई! लड़का कूद गया और लड़की नहीं कूदी!
आधे रास्ते में लड़के ने पैराशूट खोला और चिल्लाया- मुझे पता था चुड़ैल , तू नहीं कूदेगी!

एक बार चींटी हाथी के ऊपर बैठ कर जा रही थी।
रास्ते में कच्चा पुल आता है, उसको देखकर चींटी बोली- जानू क्रास कर लोगे या मैं उतरू...

संता (दुकानदार से)- मुर्गा कैसे दिया है।
दुकानदार (संता से)- 80 रुपये, 50 रुपये और 10 रुपये।
संता- 10 रुपये का.. इतना सस्ता क्यों?
दुकानदार- साहब इसे एड्स है।
संता- दे दो खाना है, शादी थोड़ी ही करनी है!!

टीचर: इस लाइन को इंग्लिश में बताओ।
उसने अपना काम किया और करता ही गया।
छात्र: ही डन हिज वर्क एण्ड डन-दना-दन,डन-दना-दन

टीचर: संता ,तुमने आज कौन - सा अच्छा काम किया ?
संता: सर , मैंने अपने पांच दोस्तों के साथ मिलकर एक बुजुर्ग महिला को सड़क पार करवाई।
टीचर : ये तो अच्छी बात हैं , लेकिन इस छोटे-से काम के लिए पांच लोग क्यों लगे ?
संता: क्योंकि , वह महिला सड़क पार नहीं करना चाहती थी।

एक बार संता का गधा भाग जाता है। संता मंदिर जाता है और देर तक भगवान की मूर्ती के आगे खड़ा हो कर प्रार्थना करता है।
बंता : संता तुम भगवान से यही मांग रहे हो न कि तुम्हारा गधा तुम्हे वापस मिल जाए। संता : नहीं यार मैं तो भगवान को थैक्यू बोल रहा हूं।
बंता : क्यों? संता : अरे भगवान की कृपा से जब गधा भागा तो मैं उसमें सवार नहीं था। अगर होता तो मैं भी उसके साथ भाग जाता ।

नेता का बेटा- पापा अच्छा नेता बनने का मंत्र क्या है? पिता बेटे को छत पर भेज बोला- कूदो, मैं पकड़ लूंगा। बेटा कूदा और धड़ाम से गिरा। बेटा- आपने तो कहा था कि पकड़ लेंगे। पिता- बेटा यही है राजनीति का पहला मंत्र कि अपने बाप पर भी भरोसा मत करो।

लड़की-तुम मुझे डायमंड की अंगूठी दो, जिसे देखकर मैं हमेशा तुम्हें याद किया करूंगी।
लड़का-तुम मुझे यह सोचकर याद कर लेना कि तुमने डायमंड की रिंग मांगी थी और मैंने नहीं दी।

एक दिन एक मैकेनिकल, इलेक्ट्रॉनिक, कैमिकल और कंप्यूटर इंजीनियर एक कार में जा रहे थे, तभी कुछ टूटने की आवाज़ आई और कार बंद हो गई।

मैकेनिकल इंजीनियर ने कहा- लगता है, चेसिस रॉड टूटी है। कैमिकल इं.बोला- नहीं, इंजन को गैस नहीं मिली। इलेक्ट्रॉनिक इं. बोला- स्पार्क हुआ होगा, गाड़ी के इलेक्ट्रॉनिक सिस्टम में गड़बड़ है। इसी बीच कंप्यूटर इं. बोला- मुझे लगता है, हम सभी को गाड़ी से बाहर निकलकर दोबारा अंदर बैठ जाना चाहिए, ताकि गाड़ी रिस्टार्ट हो सके।

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Visit of Amazing / Funny Information -

New Teacher - Students tell your
names and hobbies......??
Boys - I'm Amit , My hobbyis
watching Bubble.



I'm "vicky":- My hobby is watching Bubble


I'm "Manish" :- My hobby is also
watching Bubble.

I'm "Anshul" :- My hobby is also watching Bubble.

I'm "Mohit" :- My hobby is also
watching Bubble.

Teacher: Oh, all boys have same
hobbies, That's Go0d...



Now Girls, Please..??

Girl :- Hi My name is Bubble.. :p ;)


एक ट्रेन में लड़का और लड़की सफर कर रहे थे…
लड़की:मैं यहां बैठ सकती हूं…
लड़का: हां क्यों नहीं..
लड़की:क्या मैं यह पानी पी सकती हूं…
लड़का: मेरी खुशनसीबी होगी…
... लड़की:क्या मैं आपका कंबल यूज कर लूं…
बहुत ठंड लग रही है…
लड़का:हां-हां, बेशक…
लड़की:भैया, अगला स्टेशन कौन सा है…?
लड़का गुस्से से :- ओय !
तुझे क्या लगता है मेरे
दिमाग में जीपीएस फिट है…
और सुन जल्दी से सीट खाली कर और मेरा कंबल दे…
मुझे नींद आ रही है ।

Santa Shouting 2 His GF
" U Said V Will Do Register
Marriage And Cheated Me,
I Was Waiting 4 U
Yesterday Whole Day
In The Post Office...."
Sardar Ki Maa
Puttar Tujhay Yahan Se
Jalindhar Janay Mein 1 Din Laga
Wapas Aanay Mein 3 Din Wo B Naye Car Se
Srdar : Maa Ye Car Bananay Wale Bhi
Pagal Hein Janay K Liay 4 Gear
Or Aanay Ke Liay Sirf 1 (Revers) Gear.
Teacher:Wo Kon C Cheez Hay
Jo Insan Ke Izzat Ko Mazbooti

Say Jakray Rakhti Hay?
Sardar Je: MISS
Santa- Yaar!
A Auratein Sharab
Se Nafrat Q Karati Hai?
Banta- Islye Ki,
Sharab Pine Ke
Baad Chuhe Jaisa
Pati Bhi Sher
Ho Jata Hai. 

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NareeLata Tree : 20 साल के अंतराल पर खिलते हैं यह फूल.......

Visit of Amazing / Funny Information -

NareeLata Tree : 20 साल के अंतराल पर खिलते हैं यह फूल.......

I don't know how much this information is TRUE. But if it is TRUE then it is really amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

कहा जाता है कि "नारीलता फूल " पौधा भारत में हिमालय क्षेत्र में पाया जाता है. और वे 20 साल के अंतराल पर खिलते हैं। यह फूल एक औरत के आकार का होता है यह एक दुर्लभ फूल है आश्चर्यजनक..!!

प्रकृति कुछ भी कहिये ग़ज़ब गज़ब के रंग दिखाती है जरा इस अनोखे फूल को देखिये इसका अकार देखिये इसकी बनावट को देखिये शायद आपको पेड़ो पर यह लटकी हुई गुडिया सी नज़र आ रही किसी इंसान की इंसानी हरकत लगे लेकिन है ऐसा नहीं यह हिमालय श्रीलंका और थाईलेंड में एक पेड में लगने वाला फूल है जिसे उपरी हिमालय में "नारीलता फूल " कहा जाता है कहते है की 20 साल के अंतराल पर यह इस पेड पर खिलते हैं। महिला के बनावट का यह फूल है वाकई में दुर्लभ प्रक्रति की अनमोल किलकारी .......!!!!!
यह वृक्ष हिमालय, श्रीलंका और थाईलैंड में पाया जाता है

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Must Must Read Storys

Must Must Read Story

एक 7 साल की लड़की को मैथ्स पढ़ा रहे टीचर ने पूछा ,” अगर मैं तुम्हे एक सेब दूं , फिर एक औरसेब दूं , और फिर एकऔर सेब दूं , तो तुम्हारे पास कितने सेब हो जायेंगे ?”
लड़की ने कुछ देर सोचा और , और अपनी ऊँगली पर जोड़ने लगी …
” चार ” , लड़की का उत्तर आया .
टीचर थोड़ा निराश हो गया, उसे लगा कि ये तो कोई भी बता सकता था. “शायद बच्चे ने ठीक से सुना नहीं .” – टीचरने मन ही मन सोचा .
उसने पुनः प्रश्न दोहराया ; ” ध्यान से सुनो – अगर मैं तुम्हे एक सेब दूं, फिर एक और सेब दूं, और फिर एक और सेब दूं , तो तुम्हारे पास कितने सेब हो जायेंगे ?”
लड़की टीचर का चेहरा देख कर समझ चुकी थी कि वो खुश नहीं है, वह पुनः अपनी उँगलियों पर जोड़ने लगी, और सोचने लगी कि ऐसा क्या उत्तर बताऊँ जिससे टीचेर खुश हो जाए . अब उसके दिमाग में ये नहीं था कि उत्तर सही हो, बल्कि ये था कि टीचर खुश हो जाये.
पर बहुत सोचने के बाद भी उसने संकोच करते हुए कहा , ” चार “
टीचर फिर निराश हो गया , उसे याद आया कि लड़की को स्ट्रॉबेरी बहुत पसंद हैं , हो सकता है सेब
पसनद न होने के कारण वो अपना फोकस लूज़ कर दे रही हो.
इस बार उसने बड़े प्यार और जोश के साथ पूछा ,” अगर मैं तुम्हे एक स्ट्रॉबेरी दूं , फिर एक और स्ट्रॉबेरी दूं , और फिर एक और स्ट्रॉबेरी दूं , तो तुम्हारे पास कितने स्ट्रॉबेरीहो जायेंगे ?”
टीचर को खुश देख कर, लड़की भी खुश हो गयी और अपने उँगलियों पर जोड़ने लगी …अब उसके ऊपर कोई दबाव नहीं था बल्कि टीचर को ही चिंता थी कि उसका नया तरीका काम कर जाये.
उत्तर देते समय लड़की फिर थोड़ा झिझकी और बोली , ” तीन !!!”
टीचर खुश हो गया , उसका तरीका काम कर गया था . उसे लगा किअब लड़की समझ चुकी है है ,और अब वो इस तरह के किसी भी प्रश्न का उत्तर दे सकती है .
“अच्छा बेटा तो बताओ , अगर मैं तुम्हे एक सेब दूं, फिर एक और सेब दूं, और फिर एक और सेब दूं , तो तुम्हारे पास कितने सेब हो जायेंगे ?”
पिछला जवाब सही होने से लड़की का आत्मविश्वास बढ़ चुका था , उसने बिना समय गँवाए उत्तर दिया , ” चार.”
टीचर क्रोधित हो उठा , ” तुम्हारे पास दिमाग नहीं है क्या , ज़रा मुझे भी समझाओ कि चार सेब कैसे हो जायेंगे .”