Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yamraj ji and Lalu Yadav Telephone Call

Yamraj ji and Lalu Yadav Telephone Call

After Death, Laloo Yadav, L. K. Advani& Vajpeyi Ji Went To Hell. After Some Years Of Hardwork At Hell, 
They Remembered Their Families. They Requested Yamraj To Let Them Make A Call. 

The Nearest P. C. O. Booth Was 10 Miles Away, So After Walking For 3 Days, They Reached It. 

First Mr. Vajpeyi Made A Call For 2 Minutes. Bill--Rs. 1000. 

Next Mr. Advani Made A Call For 10 Minutes. Bill--Rs. 5000. 

Then Laloo Ji Went In And Made A Call To Bihar For 2 Hours. Bill--Rs. 20. 
The Other Two Went And Reported This To Yamraj, To Which He Replied,"What Can I Do If There Is A Local Connection Between Hell & Bihar?!"

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