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Johar / Saka of Maharani Jaywantabai Not Happened

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Johar / Saka of Maharani Jaywantabai Not Happened

No Jauhar to be shown in Maharana Pratap

In short I will explain, How and why no Johar happens by Chiitor Rani Jaywantabai  OR Queens of Udai Singh during fight with Shams Khan -

1. Udai Singh Survive till the fight with Akbar 1568 and after that -
During 1568 (when Maharana Pratap was aged 28 years) he left Chittor with his family and Jaimal & Patta his commanders will have the responsibility to secure chittor fort.

Means Pratap (who is much younger) and Udai Singh will survive after fight between Udai Singh and Shams Khan

Major Johar happens in 1568 in Chittor, When Akbar defeated Jaimal & Patta and occupies fort of Chittor.
Before this Johar of Rani Karmavati, a princess of Bundi and Queen of Maharana Sangram Singh happens on March 8, 1535.

Shams khan was the General of Sher Shah Suri’s Army . And was residing with his army in Mewar
Pratap saves Shams Khan and gets injured in doing so. uday Singh tells his trusted general to take the sepoy who attempted to kill Theafghan invader away…
Shamz khan praises the young kuvar….
Uday Singh orders his son to go inside and takes his sworn emey now his guest to check out the weapons of hisancestors….
Inside the place….

Shams khan maharana pratap
Queen bahatiyani shares her anxiety on Pratap’s well being and reprimands him with love for putting his life in danger… Majhli rani too chips in. Saying if their enemy would have got killed it would have ended their troubles….she wants to take himto the physician for treatment of his wounds..
Shur veer Pratap disagrees since it is the way of Rajput to honour their words and he was doing the same.. Honouring his fathers words of treating Shamz khan like a valued guest..
Maharani Jayvanta bai enters the room…. Mother and son have a heart to heart conversation… Pratap doesnot want his ok to commit Jauhar.. He wants to stop it at any cost and thus was rushing into the enemy camp with the illustrious sword of thekings of Mewar…
Jayvanta bai tells her son to have patience and belief in the words as well as the actions of his father even when he doesnot understand them for the future will reveal the real honest Intensions of the king….
Majhli rani too wants to know what is the real deal that is not obvious to the eye as Shamz khan is being given an honored guest treatment with thenews of a peace treaty being the desire of the king….where as the ladies are preparing for JAuhar and still there are talks of the king going to war… Te mixed signals are confusing Pratap too and he wants answers too…
Jayvanta bai smartly directs him to visit the physician instead which the dutiful son obliges…
As pratap with his brother Shakti leave.. The head queen tells the otherqueens of Jauhar and Their husband’s desire to fight the emy soon is still oncourse…

She orders for making the arrangement for the last meal of the mothers with their kids…
We see brief moments of sadness thatEngels Jayvanta bai of leaving her young son forever but the Rajputana streak of preserving one’s honour takes over as the queen wipes her tears away….
At the darbar hall….
Shamz khan is elated on being bestowed with the weapons of the Mewar rules of bygone era… he agrees to take them.. Udaysingh gives him. Tip to keep them immersed in lemon water for two days for sharpness…
As the guests leave it is revealed this was a ploy of the king of Mewar to buy time till the armies of friendly nation reach to aid them in war…
We also get to know of the plans to evacuate the young princes from the fort to safety with the help of MAnn Singh…. This would be done before the Jauhar and Saka take place…
The king also talks about the plan concocted with the physician to drug Pratap so that he can be taken away from the fort while sleeping…. Because it is certain he would not agree to leave otherwise for safety……
At the physician’s chamber..
Pratap is being treated of his wound…He implores the physician to share with him on what is going on since he wants to save his mother from committing Jauhar….The physician dodges him.. And one of theattendants making medicine falls asleep…the physician informs Pratap that he is making a new medicine and the attendant fell asleep preparing that…
As the physician leaves to attend to the sleeping assistant.. Pratap is shown drawing a flag with the emblem of a rising sun….
Pratap comes to know of the king’s plan to drug him and smuggle him out of chittor for safety… He does not want it to happen… Pratap and uday singh are having a meal and the king tells the young prince to partake the special drink made by the physician…
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