Saturday, June 17, 2017

*CA ki wife*: Suniye ji, Yeh inflation kya hai?

*CA ki wife*:
Suniye ji, Yeh inflation kya hai?

Pehle tu *36-24-36* thi
Ab tu *48-40-48* hai !
Ab tere pass sab kuch pehle se jyada hai, *phir bhi Teri value pahle se kam hai*...


Economics is not that difficult if we have the *Right Examples*.

*Interviewer*: What is Recession?

*Candidate*: When *Wine & Women* get replaced by *Water & Wife*,
that critical phase of life is called *Recession*!!😜
*Accountancy fact*:

What is the difference between *Liability* & *Asset*?

A *drunk friend* is *liability*...


A *drunk Girlfriend* is an *Asset*....
*Law of equality* 💠

The time taken by a wife when she says *I'll get ready in 5 min* is exactly equal to the time taken by husband when he says *'I'll call u in 5 min*!📞📱
*Chess* is the only game in the world,
which reflects the status of the *husband*.

This *poor king* can take only *one step at a time* ...

While the *mighty queen can do whatever she likes*
One Smart Guy Invented

His Wife Added a feature in it called
*Last Seen At*'😜👌

Thank god she didnt add
*Last Seen With*
Punch Of D Day ....

'Laughing At Your Own Mistakes, Can Lengthen Your Life."
- *Shakespear*...

"Laughing At ur Wife's Mistakes, Can Shorten ur Life."

- *Shakespear's Wife*

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