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Eveready Base B22D 3-Watt LED Bulb (Cool Day Light)

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Eveready Base B22D 3-Watt LED Bulb (Cool Day Light)

देश की तमाम  सरकारें बिजली बचने के लिए 400 रूपए की कीमत का एल ई डी बल्ब सिर्फ 10 रूपए में देने जा रही है ,
ध्यान दीजिये एल ई डी बल्ब न की सी एफ एल बल्ब

क्यूंकि कुछ ही महीने ,में यह एल ई डी बल्ब  सामान्य बल्ब की तुलना में इतनी बिजली बचा चुका  होगा की इसकी पूरी कीमत वसूल हो जाएगी ।
ये तो था बिजली की बचत का महत्व ।
दूसरा इसकी रोशनी प्राकृतिक रोशनी के माफिक होती है और सी एफ एल बल्ब से बेहतर होती है , और यह सी एफ एल बल्ब की तुलना में बहुत कम
बिजली की खपत करती है , सी एफ एल बल्ब में पारा भरा होता है जो की सी एफ एल बल्ब टूटने पर व इस से निकलने पर हानिकारक होता है , खासकर छोटे बच्चे गलती से इसको निगल लें तो 

Govt to offer Rs 400 LED bulbs at Rs 10 soon

Households will be able to buy energy-efficient LED bulbs at a steeply discounted price of Rs 10 following a business plan developed by group of government entities along with electricity distribution firms.
The move is part of the government's ambitious plan to boost energy efficiency by providing Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology-based lighting solutions at affordable cost.
Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under the Power Ministry together with Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and electricity distribution companies (discoms) have developed the new business model.
"BEE together with EESL has worked with electricity distribution companies to develop a business model under which EESL procures LED bulbs in bulk and sells them to households at Rs 10 instead of the market price of Rs 400," a Power ministry statement said.
Set up by the Power Ministry, EESL is a joint venture of four public sector undertakings -- NTPC, PFC, REC and Power Grid -- that focusses on implementing energy efficiency projects.
An LED bulb utilises one-tenth of energy as compared to a normal incandescent bulb and half as much energy as a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) to produce the same amount of light.
Under the business model, the discoms repay EESL over a period of five to eight years from the savings that accrue due to use of this energy efficient lighting technology.
The statement said that EESL has already completed a number of projects to retrofit existing streetlights to energy efficient LED streetlights as well as a 7.5 lakh LED bulb replacement project for households in Puducherry.
In August this year, after an MOU between EESL and the Andhra Pradesh government was signed, EESL completed the procurement process of 20 lakh LED bulbs last week. Almost the entire lighting industry participated in the bid and the lowest quoted price was Rs 204 per LED bulb, it said.
BEE under the Power Ministry has initiated a systematic process to exploit the energy-saving potential of LEDs and to bring them into large scale use as soon as possible, it said.
The statement said that since a barrier on use of LEDs in household sector is the lack of standardisation and awareness, BEE will now be launching a labelling programme coupled with an outreach and awareness campaign to drive the LED demand significantly.
The present demand of ICLs and CFLs is more than 1.1 billion units every year. At a price of Rs 204, LED

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  • Bulb Base: B22D
  • Color Temp: 6500K
  • Lumen: 300
  • Best and efficient light output upto 100Lm/W
  • High lumen maintenance over rated life
  • Higher lumen output (20-40 percent higher than most competition)
  • Superior heat sink for better heat dissipation

Eveready 0.5-Watt LED Deco Bulb (Blue and Pack of 3)



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