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Apr 20, 2015
One word for this book - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Just finished reading this book and I have only one word to describe it 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' which means "extraordinary good" as described by the author in the book.

This is really a heart touching story. I bought this book after reading the cover text. I was not expecting any love story in this book and if I had known it before that it's a story about love, I would not have bought this book but now I'm glad I bought it. This is the most pious and beautiful love story I have ever read. This is what I call true love.

And the author, thank you for giving us this book. When I read that you are from an IIT in your description, I thought that one more chetan bhagat had come up but thank god it's not like that. I really salute you for writing this story and raising some of the most important issues of our society. Hats off, Aakash!

Yashovardhan Jallan
Apr 19, 2015
Must Buy!!
This book isn't your usual Love story. It is much much more than that. Read this book. It will make you a better person.

Reema Sharma
Apr 18, 2015
First to review
grab a copy
One of the most awesome books I have read in a while. This is an amazing story which will certainly make you a better person. Must read!
Aniqa Nishat
Apr 23, 2015
this is a novel of compassion by a new writer who has undoubtedly proved his worth. the story puts forward the most delicate of the issues with such purity and innocence.
the whole novel is beautifully wrapped in a series of events which binds the story together.

the innocence, love, compassion, friendship narrated in this book are adorable.
writer used an innocent way to say what he said in this piece of work. it really is a must read because this book has the power to make u feel connected with the story from start to end.

Apr 29, 2015
Grab one without a second thought!!
Waited enough to start the book but couldn't wait to complete!!

I thought it would be just another, like one by Bhagat, but this one totally surprised me with more than what I expected - avid enough to hold my attention, inspiring, and at the same time a pure romantic story about love, innocence, friendship, parental relationships and above all creating awareness about social stigmas in the most subtle way yet with a lasting impact!!

Grab one today to get yourself drowned in a heat-felt story that is sure to change your thoughts only for the better...

To the author: Thank you for the story so beautifully written and to bring out issues people seldom care to talk about! :)

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