Monday, May 25, 2015

Nivia Destroyer Germany Football Studs @ #Flipkart #Discount , very good rating, 5 Star Rated Product

Nivia Destroyer Germany Football Studs @ #Flipkart #Discount , very good rating, 5 Star Rated Product

Rating & Review is Very Very Good, Jyadatar Logo Ne 5 Star Rating Dee Hai,
Kuch Logo Ne 4 Star Rating Deee Hai,

Khareedne Vale Logon ki Ray Jaroor Dekhen is Shoe Ke Baare Mein,
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Nikhil Mehta
Jun 21, 2014
First to review
Total worth of money......!!!!!!!!!!
It's an amazing shoe.i recommend you to please buy this only rather than other.It is comparitively cheaper and long lasting from other studs.Please all of you buy these studs only
Aman Sehwag
Jul 1, 2014
certified buyer
Awesome Shoes
totally cool shoes, they look good they feel good, they are comfortable and most importantly they help in playing better a lot, my kicking has got more powerful and passing and dribbling is more accurate now.Only thing was that the design had a fingerprint on the rear side, but the stuff used to make it is plastic and in june you can understand how hot it gets, so it must have melted in the heat a bit but it is only visible if you look very closely. well that isn't a fault on the seller's side, Nature plays its part and you can't do a thing about it. :)

Yashdeep Singh
Jul 26, 2014
certified buyer
Good for newbies
I recently gained interest in playing football and hence wanted yo buy soccer studs. But being a total rookie i didn't want to spend a fortune. So I bought this product which is quite inexpensive and very attractive too. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and the studs are still fine. So if you are a new player and are not willing to spend a lot of money, this product is best for you.
surya shankar
Jul 18, 2014
certified buyer
Nivia Destroyer Germany
the detroyer germany are an awesome pair of shoes .it is a shoe which catches the eye very quickly and as usual flipkart delivered its name upto the mark.its a wondreful shoe,comfortable to play and gives powerful shoot. i recommend these shoes to every1 .cheap in price and of gud quality

Akash Kumar Sharma
Jul 6, 2014
certified buyer
A very light weighted shoes good and comfortable shoes for beginner flipkart delivery was as usual very fast !!!!!!!!!!!a must wear boots for beginners!!!!!!!
Sanskar Jayaswal
Jul 6, 2014
certified buyer
Bright and bold!
The shoes look amazing and trendy, comfortable, and durable. The base, however, is plastic. Great price. Great shoes. Great delivery. Received it within 32 hours.

Gabriel Mark
Sep 9, 2014
certified buyer
Rocking studssssssssssssssss
One of the best , I have tried some other, but this one is cheaper...................

Cool colour,,,,,, good graphics......

Best for beginners .............


santosh chukka
Aug 28, 2014
certified buyer
excellent product for low price
Perfect material for learner's choice. U can pratice hard with these studs. No need to worry about its durability. It is perfect in every way.

Sayan Saha
May 25, 2015
certified buyer
Good for freekicks.
I have used this product and it is quite good. Nice colour,good value for price,and comfortable to wear.

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