Friday, January 22, 2016

An Eye Opener Video about Rohit Vemula (Must Watch - How He Expelled)

An Eye Opener Video about Rohit Vemula (Must Watch - How He Expelled)

A perfect debate focussing issues concerning death of a Ph D Scholar Student and what leads to him for suicide.

A social boycott he faced after suspension from University. Even he had not blamed on any authority but what leads to him to do such things.

TV anchor showed some documents - Where at the initial stage Proctor of University did not find any evidences / issues and wrote to give them warning and let off them. But when ABVP tried to create pressure and Bandaru Datttrey wrote a letter to Vice Chancellor to take action against incident, thereafter committee report changed and wrote about suspension & punishment of students.
Subsequently Rohit including 5 members of Ambedkar Student Association (ASA) was punished,

BJP spokesperson trying to divert the topic on Malda incident that why media not covers Malda issue.
Trying to divert on Highcourt case, where Rohit Vemula and his expelled colleagues filed a case.

Ovesi take benefit of this death, where BJP becomes weak.
TV ancor again and again asked BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra - Did Bandaru Dattatrey not write a letter to VC? And on what authority he wrote this letter.

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