Thursday, December 10, 2015

A mother of a 25 year old Indian woman went to a party.
She was welcomed by the host, who promptly asked her, 'We look forward to the next big event now- your daughter's wedding!', to which the mother replied, 'Why? What is so great about that?'
To which the other lady replied, 'Are you not bothered? She is already 'settled' in a stable job, you should look for someone now, she should marry by the time she is 27-28 at least!'
The mother, who had been asked the same question everywhere she went, took a deep breath. She replied, 'Wouldn't it be a big event if my daughter won the Pulitzer? Or if she cracked the UPSC? Or even if she received a promotion in her job and became a Manager at the young age of 27-28? Or even if she decides to live her life to the fullest and take a vacation on her own, travelling the world, wouldn't that be a big event?'
The other woman was stunned.
The mother was yet to finish. 'Wherever I go, it seems as if my daughter has only one function in life - to get married. It seems as if at her 'age' she should just bother about settling down. Why doesn't anyone ask me when will she freely celebrate her love? Why isn't anyone bothered about how she is doing in her job? Does she like it at her company? Whether she wants to begin a company of her own, what is the idea she has? For me, her biggest achievement is when she fulfils her dream. But, sadly, I am labeled as a bad mother when I don't 'bother' about her wedding. If she wants to marry, at whatever age it is, its a personal thing. You all are not marrying her, are you?'
'My daughter has worked hard, studied harder than many men, devoted her day and night to build her career. Her male cousins who haven't done as well enough only receive leverage because they are men, and society doesn't bother about their marriage, because they are still building their career. Why should my daughter not build hers? Even if she would have been struggling, I would have told her to build her career. Because that's her right. Her choice. Her life.'
'My daughter is 25, she isn't running out of time. My daughter hasn't discussed marriage with me, she will the day she wants to, even if she is 40, I wouldn't really care. Because it is her life. The day we will 'discuss people' with an equal perspective will be the day this country will move in the right direction. Till then, my daughter is pursuing her career. Please ask me about that big event in her life.'
October 16 at 6:07am

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