Sunday, December 20, 2015

She left her MBA Degree Behind to Change the Lives of 400 Girls in Delhi Slums with Art & Colour

She left her MBA Degree Behind to Change the Lives of 400 Girls in Delhi Slums with Art & Colours


Sonal is the founder of Protsahan, a social enterprise that uses creative education and art innovation to empower street children and young adolescent girls.

It all started when the 24-year-old Sonal was shooting a film for a corporate. She came across a pregnant woman who had six daughters and was expecting her seventh child. The young lady was sitting with one of her daughters when Sonal approached her with an apple. Seeing this, the mother told her that the little girl would not be able to recognize it as a fruit, simply because she had never seen one. As the conversation continued, Sonal heard this woman utter words that would change the trajectory of her own life.
The woman was living in poverty and obviously struggling to take care of her children. In a very matter-of-fact manner, she told Sonal, that if she had a daughter again she was quite prepared to strangle the child. So unfortunate was their condition that she was already planning on sending one of her daughters, 8-year-old Julie, to a brothel to bring in money that would in turn feed the rest of the family. Sonal says she froze on hearing these words. It took her just about an hour to make up her mind that she wanted to change the life of girls like Julie. And within three weeks, Protsahan started as a one room creative arts and design school in a dark slum in Delhi

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