Sunday, July 3, 2016

Classic example of How investment is better than consumption

*_"Classic example of How investment is better than consumption! "_*

How Many People are riding *ROYAL ENFIELD BIKE* ? or wish to ride i t ?

Look at the company`s growth

*Eicher Motors* (Makers of Royal Enfield).

Share Price on September 2001 = *_Rs. 17.50_*
Price of Royal Enfield bike in 2001 was Rs.55000/-

If any one would have bought the shares of Eicher Motors instead of a bike than he would have got *3143* shares ((Rs. 55000/ Rs 17.50 (share Price) = 3143 Shares))

Eicher Motor`s Share Price as on 30th June 2016 is *Rs. 20,158* Total Value as 3143 x 20,158= *6.4 crore*
_55000/- is worth 6.4 Crore in 15 Years._*

Now he could hv bought *_Rolls Royce._*

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