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Breaking News : कर्नाटक में टीपू सुल्तान की जयंती मनाने का फैसला लिया गया , मगर इतिहास पटा पड़ा है टीपू सुल्तान की क्रूरता से

Breaking News : कर्नाटक में टीपू सुल्तान की जयंती मनाने का फैसला लिया गया , मगर इतिहास पटा पड़ा है टीपू सुल्तान की क्रूरता से 

इस्लाम कहीं अंतरिक्ष से नहीं आया , हिंदुस्तान में इस्लाम का आगमन तलवार के साथ में हुआ और टीपू सुल्तान की कहानी भी उसी में से एक है 

इतिहास में टीपू की क्रूरता  दर्ज है , कैसे वह पुराने समय में आई एस आई एस उग्रवादियों की तरह सर कलम कर देता था 
विकिपीडिया और दुनिया भर की इतिहास की वेबसाइट्स बताती हैं टीपू की क्रूरता के बारे में 

American Academy of Religion, Gonzaga University, May, 2006 
में रिसर्चिस्ट  निकोलस ऍफ़ जीर ने लिखा है की - >>>> 

The most striking example of mass reconversion happened in Mysore, where Tipu Sultan (1750-1799) required that all his citizens convert to Islam.  Today only 5 percent of the people in the Mysore area is Muslim, while the adjoining Malabar Coast has 30 percent Muslims,[5] primarily because they settled this area as peaceful traders in the 8th Century.  

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एक ब्लॉग पर क्या लिखा गया है टीपू सुल्तान के बारे में  ->>>

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The genocide of Brahmin men women and children by Tipu

by journey @ 2008-11-18 – 09:13:21

In independent India, the muslim terrorists explode bombs on Hindu festival days in crowded markets, to kill maximum number of Hindus. This reminds me of a time more than 200 years ago when the muslim ruler Tipu had herded some 700 Brahmin men, women and children and brutally beheaded all of them in the typical muslim fashion on a Deepavali day in Karnataka. The decapitated Karnataka Brahmins belonged to the mandyam Iyengar sect of Karnataka and related to Tirumaliengar, the Pradhan of Mysore. Because it was on a Deepavali day that Tipu beheaded these Brahmin ancestors their descendents belonging to the Mandyam Iyengar sect stay away from Deepavali celebrations. Deepavali is the reminder of a black day for this Brahmin sect.

The muslim king, Tipu had ruled his kingdom only for sixteen-and-a-half years, from December 7, 1782 to May 4, 1799. The territory of Malabar was Under his effective control only for a short period of eight years. He had a treacherous Brahmin Divan by name Purnaiyya. Purnaiyya had managed to gather some 90,000 soldiers, three crore rupees, and huge quantities of gold ornaments and precious stones from the Hindu population for Tipu. Seeing this wealth Tipu wanted to rule South India and wanted to become an Emperor of India. Tipu had to defeat first the British to become an emperor. Superstitious Tipu consulted many Hindu astrologers in Sree Ranganatha Swami temple. These astrologers did not see Tipu becoming an emperor, but suggested that if some of the suggested remedial Hindu rituals were performed; he could achieve his cherished ambition. Believing the astrologers the idiotic Tipu performed all Hindu pujas in the Sree Ranaganatha Swami temples as suggested by the astrologers. Tipu gave costly presents to the astrologers. This act is being widely interpreted by leftist and minority historians as the love and respect for Hindu religion and traditions by Tipu. But there is a long list of Hindu temples that were desecrated and razed down by Tipu and his muslim army in South India and in Malabar. On the eve of Tipu’s death there was only two Hindu temples left standing with in the Sreerangapatanam fortress. Tipu did not consider the Hindu rulers of Maharashtra, Coorg and Travancore or the Muslim ruler Nizam as impediments. He was afraid of only the British. Tipu was convinced that he could easily become the Emperor of India if he could somehow vanquish the British. Because of his intense anti-British attitude, the leftist and minority historians of Congress have made a vain attempt to paint Tipu as a great national hero. Opposition to foreign powers need not be always due to one’s love for the country. To achieve his selfish goal and to face the British forces, Tipu sought the assistance of another foreign power, the French, who were maneuvering to establish their own domination in the country. How is it possible, therefore, for Tipu to be an enemy of foreign forces when he himself had sought help from Napoleon who was then a prisoner in St. Helena Island and also from the French King, Louis XVI? Besides, Tipu also wanted to establish Islamic rule in the country. To achieve his Islamic empire he had to defeat the British first. For this purpose, Tipu solicited the assistance of Muslim countries like Persia, Afghanistan and Turkey. It is true that Tipu did not harm the Raja of Cochin or anyone for that matter who surrendered and pledged loyalty to him. But this was only a tactic of the typical muslim ruler who wanted to establish first, before eliminating the Hindu Kingdoms of the south. Tipu was never a friend of Hindus. Tipu and the Hyderabad Nizam were the only Muslim rulers in the Deccan at that time and hence he wanted to avoid any dispute with the Hyderabad Nizam. When Tipu was a teenager, his father, Hyder Ali Khan had asked Hyderabad Nizam’s daughter in marriage for young Tipu, but that marriage proposal was rejected by Hyderabad Nizam. With the ambition of becoming a muslim emperor, Tipu asked a daughter of Hyderabad Nizam for his own son. But the Hyderabad Nizam, considering Tipu as an upstart with no aristocratic heredity, refused the proposal. As if to spite the Hyderabad Nizam, Tipu got another of his sons married to the daughter of Arackal Bibi of Cannanore mainly to secure the loyalty of Malabar Muslims for subjugating the entire Malabar region. The family of Arackal Bibi, though converted to Islam was following the matriarchal system and Tipu who was a muslim fanatic was totally against it and wanted to change it.

Tipu's rule was that of a typical muslim fanatic. In a deliberately designed taxation scheme, the religious prejudice of Tipu Sultan became quite clear. His co-religionists, Muslims, were exempted from house tax, commodity tax and also the levy on other items of household use. Also those who were converted to Islam were given similar tax exemptions. Tipu made provisions for the education of the muslim children only. Tipu had deep hatred towards all non-muslims and stopped appointing Hindus in different administrative and military jobs as practiced by his father, Hyder Ali Khan. During the entire period of sixteen years of his regime, the Brahmin traitor, Purnaiyya was the only Hindu who had adorned the post of Divan among a group of muslim Divans under Tipu Sultan. Two years before the death of Tipu not even a single Hindu was present in Tipu’s top 65 senior officials. All the Mustadirs were also Muslims. In 1789, when the Hyderabad Nizam and other Muslim rulers decided that only Muslims would be appointed in all Government posts, Tipu Sultan also adopted the same policy in his Mysore State. Just because they were Muslims, even those who were illiterate and inefficient, were also appointed to important Government posts. This attitude of muslims prevails even today against non muslims. In 1996 the Dubai Sheikh had issued an order to all heads of the government departments, who were mostly local mullah’s or from the royal relations, that only muslims should be appointed in Dubai government jobs and those non muslims working already in various government departments should be terminated upon the completion of their contract without the usual automatic extension and if need be they should be removed saying that they are inefficient in the jobs.

Even for getting promotions, one still had to be a Muslim under Tipu Sultan's regime. Based on the writings of Tipu's son, Ghulam Muhammad it is known that all the records relating to tax revenue, were ordered to be written in Persian rather than in Marathi and Kannada as followed earlier. He even tried to make Persian the State language in place of Kannada. Ghulam Muhammad had written that all the Government posts were filled by lazy corrupt and irresponsible Muslims. A Muslim historian like Kirmani’s writing also confirms Tipu’s Islamisation policy. As a consequence the Hindu population had to suffer a great deal because of these incompetent and corrupt Muslim officials. The Muslim staffs at all levels were totally corrupt and dishonest. Tipu had changed even the Hindu names of places as Tipu could not tolerate Hindu names. Mangalapuri which is the present day Mangalore was renamed as Jalalabad by Tipu. Kanwapuram which is the present day Cannanore was renamed as Kusanabad. Vaippura which is now known as Bepur was renamed to an Islamic name Sultanpatanam or Faruqui. Mysore was renamed as Nazarabad, Dharwar to Quarshed-Sawad, Gooty to Faiz-llissar, Ratnagiri to Mustafabad, Diridigul to Khaliqabad, and Kozhikode to Islamabad by Tipu. After the death of Tipu the local people reverted to their old names.

The cruelties committed by Tipu on the Hindu population of Coorg have no parallel in history. On one occasion, Tipu under the threat of beheading them forcibly converted over ten thousand Hindus to Islam. On another occasion, Tipu rounded up and tortured more than one thousand Hindu Coorgis and forcibly converted them to Islam before imprisoning them in the Sreerangapatanam fortress.

Against the solemn oath given to the Raja of Coorg, Tipu has shown the barbaric muslim trait and he forcibly abducted a young princess from the Coorg royal family and made her his wife against her will.

The atrocities committed by Tipu in Bidnur in North Karnataka during and after its capture, were most barbarous and beyond description. Kumaran Nambiar from Chirackal Kingdom was captured and circumcised and forcibly converted to Islam by Hyder Ali and was given the name Ayaz Khan. Ayaz Khan was later appointed by Hyder Ali as the Governor of Bidnur. Hyder Ali’s son Tipu was jealous of Ayaz Khan from the very beginning because his father Hyder Ali considered Ayaz Khan more intelligent and smart than Tipu. When Ayaz Khan learnt that Tipu was scheming to kill him secretly, he escaped to Bombay with plenty of gold. Tipu then went to Bednur and under the threat of sword, forcibly converted its entire Hindu population to Islam. After Tipu captured Mangalore, thousands of Christians were forcibly sent to Sreerangapatanam where all of them were circumcised and converted to Islam.

The heroic queen Rani Lakshammanni wife of Immadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar who lived most of her life under house arrest made relentless battle for the restoration of her throne during the period of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Though Lakshammanni begins her quest for the restoration of the throne from the ascension of Hyder Ali to the throne, she started negotiating with the British in the 1760's with the help of Tirumalaiengar and his brother Narayan Row. Queen Rani Lakshammanni had assured the two brothers of the pradhanship of Mysore and one-tenth of the income of the state as their salary in perpetuity, should they succeed in their endeavor. On coming to know of this, Hyder imprisoned all their relatives who were belonging to Bharadwaja gotra known as mandyam Iyengars. This Brahmin sect is related to Tirumaliengar, the Pradhan of Mysore. Mandyam Iyengars were living between Mandya and Srirangapatna area, and it was known as Tirumala Row.

Tipu in 1790 came to know of an agreement between Gen. Harris, the then Governor of Madras, and Tirumaliyengar. Tipu immediately herded all the relatives Tirumalaiengar some 700 in total, for butchering. The torture and beheading of the Brahmin men, women and children were carried out on the Deepavali day on the specific orders of Tipu. After the genocide of these Brahmins of Karnataka, their descendents till date have not celebrated a single Deepavali festival. The cruelty inflicted on the innocents has parallel only to the christian Nazi concentration camps of the second world war. The Karnataka Brahmins belonging to the mandyam Iyengars observe Deepavali as a Dark Day.

The Mogul historians downwards to the historians of the British colonial and the subsequent historians selected by Nehru tried to glorify the muslim terrorist rule in India. Nehru always installed muslims to head even our Archeological Survey of India so that truths like the Taj Mahal was Tejo Mahalaya, is in fact was a Siva Temple that existed long before Shajahan was born not revealed to the Indian public.

As per the reputed historian, Lewis Rice, who wrote the History of Mysore, he states Tipu as a muslim fanatic. As per Lewis Rice on the eve of Tipu’s death there was only two Hindu temples left standing within the Sreerangapatanam fortress. It was only for the satisfaction of his Hindu astrologers who bluffed Tipu that he will one day be an emperor that Tipu had spared those two temples. The entire wealth of every Hindu temple was looted before 1790 itself by Tipu.

The result of Tipu’s brutal conversion of Hindus in the south India is there for everybody to see. Mini Pakistans have come up in all those areas where Tipu ruled. If Tipu had not secured the assistance of a traitor Brahmin Purnaiyya, there would not have been so many terrorist muslims in the states of Kerala and Karnataka. Hindu population and prosperity was reduced in the areas where Tipu ruled. In these mini Pakistans, muslims raise Pakistani flags, and run a mini Islamic state. When these muslims in these areas earn seven rupee per head the Hindus who are outnumbered earn just one rupee per head.

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