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Defeating Jarasandha - Conducting Krishna Marriage

Defeating Jarasandha - Conducting Krishna Marriage 

After the death of Kansa his widowed queens Asti and Prapti returned to their father Jarasandh's home and informed him that Krishna and Balarama had killed their husband Kansa. Infuriated by the news, Jarasandh at once launched a massive attack on Mathura. The people of Mathura were frightened by the strength of Jarasandh's army. Lord Krishna too fell in deep thought. Just then, divine weapons and chariots appeared from the heaven. Both the brothers took the weapons and boarded their chariots. Then they fought a fierce battle and slayed all the army of Jarasandh.

Balarama furiously caught Jarasandh and was about to kill him. But Lord Krishna stopped him. They then released Jarasandh and let him go unhurt.

Bhishmaka was the king of Vidarbha. He had five sons, the eldest of whom was Rukmi, a cruel prince. He also had a daughter called Rukmini. Rukmini, having heard of his exquisite beauty and charm, and his valiant deeds, very dearly loved Krishna. But Rukmi wanted her to marry Sisupala, the king of Chedi. To defeat Rukmi’s evil plans, Rukmini sent a messenger Sunanda to Krishna with a letter. He conveyed Rukmini’s plight to Krishna, and her earnest request to rescue her. In her letter she also explained her plan -" As part of the wedding ceremonies, I am going to the temple to offer prayers to Parvati. That would be the last opportunity for you to rescue me. If you do not come I shall put an end to my life." After reading the letter, Krishna immediately sent for his chariot and left for Vidarbha.

Meanwhile, at Vidarbha, preparations for the Princess’ wedding were in full swing. The city was decorated beautifully. Shishupala, Jarasandha and his associates, all sworn enemies of Krishna, had assembled in the capital. (Jarasandha already hates him, becasue he killed his son-in-law Kamsa). As Rukmini came out of the temple, she had been lifted up body from the ground and borne onto Krishna’s shoulder in the chariot, and the chariot rolled away, guarded by the Yadava army led by Balarama. They were gone in a flash, before any body could rezlize what happened. But Jarasandha recovered first and calling upon Shishupal, Rukmi and others charged after the fleeing couple. But Balarama blocked the enemy’s way, thus allowing Krishna and Rukmini to flee. A fierce battle followed between the two opposing forces in which the enemies were completely defeated.

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