Monday, October 19, 2015

King 's Question

King 's  Question

It was summer time. King  Krishnadeva Raya realised  that  his courtiers had  become lazy and slow in their daily routine. Perhaps it was the heat, so to pep
them up, he decided to hold a quiz contest.
He came up with three questions and  told his courtiers that the one who comes up with the most satisfactory  answer  will be rewarded with 10 gold  coins. 

The question were  : What is the greatest thing of all?  What is the best of all things? And,
what  is the quickest thing of all?  Every one  tried  their luck in their bid to win the gold
coins. But none could come up with a satisfactory reply. The king then  turn to his  witty court jester for a reply. Tenali  said,
"Your  honour!  Space is  the greatest of all things. It contains all that has been created."
"And the  best  thing  ? "the  kind  asked.
"Virtue, Your  Honour, "said  Tenali. "There is  nothing  better  then  virtue. "And the  quickest thing? "
"Thought, your Honour,
for a less then a minute, thought  fly to the end of the universe. "
The king  was  very  pleased with the answer and gave Tenali his  reward of 10
gold coins. 

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