Friday, October 16, 2015

Urban Living

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संसार की अद्भुत बातों , अच्छी कहानियों प्रेरक प्रसंगों व् मजेदार जोक्स के लिए क्लिक करे
There is the pluralization of the world in which we live through the division between public and private spheres, and also the plurality of institutions within the public sphere.
Each of them forms a world in itself,so that
individuals have to move to and fro between different worlds.The integration
of this plurality of aspects of the world,which used to be achieved by religion ,no longer takes place in the world
secular culture but has to be achieved by
the individual.The basis of this is meant
to be the private sphere of life ,the world
of the family.But in many cases,this cannot
stand up to the burdens imposed by modern life.
The growth of urban living has contributed
to an increase of pluralization in an private
sphere also,making the task of integration
increasingly difficult.

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