Thursday, November 5, 2015

It's All About Attitude

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संसार की अद्भुत बातों , अच्छी कहानियों प्रेरक प्रसंगों व् मजेदार जोक्स के लिए क्लिक करे
Attitude is the energy with we greet each circumstance,It determines how we react to the events in our lives and as a result ,what we'll attract in the future.Attitude is more a
feeling than a thought,but it's affected by what we think .If we choose thought which
support natural confidence and help us to
take greater responsiblity for our life,we will feel empowered and confident .Life will react to us accordingly.
It is therefore,imperative to examine out beliefs and the thoughts they evoke,so that
we can change their  radio frequency when
needed.What we think now leads to creation of future reality,so view thoughts
patterns regularly to weed our negativities.
  For example,do you complain often and focus on what you don't want? These thoughts only lead to more of what you don't want .It will change your life if you begin to focus instead on what you want;
simultaneously take responsiblity for obstacles which may appear.
Contrary to hearts ruled by rigid minds, beset by worries and strife,a content heart
adjusts to circumstances and to ups and downs. It isn't afraid of the need to simplify
and can overrule a brainwashed consumer
mindset when time get tough.Content minds are greatful for what is so.
When we turn attention inwards ,we see that contentment is an energy that radiates from the hearts of who we are and isn't dependent on outside events .All of the seeming outer events of our life, which made us happy today,were actually drawn
by the positive mindset we created in the past.With disclipline,we can re-create it
daily with our inner smile. Remember,
the negative events we ecperience were
attracted by our previous negative thoughts and the deed they evoked,both from this
and previous lives.
We cannot change the past.,but we can our
reactions to the results of our past.....and
create a better future.Our attitude is everythinh.With grace the oppertunity is
present in every moment ,to create something new.

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